Den and Von

After last years Whale watching trip to The Azores we decided that Whales were on the agenda again. A quick Google showed that The Bay of Fundy was a good place to see Humpback Whales and would also take us back to Canada, only this time the East coast. We flew to Halifax, Nova Scotia and after a day looking around Halifax drove to Brier Island to spend 4 days Whale watching at Brier Island Lodge.The weather could have been slightly kinder- the first two trips being shrouded in fog which made for mostly monochromatic images. Captain Roy Small is a Whale finder extraordinaire and managed to find Whales in dense fog on both of the first two trips. The third and final trip was in clear weather and produced a spectacular breach of a fully grown Humpback just 30m from the boat. Sadly it all happened so quickly that I didn't react at all but Veronica fired off a couple of shots to capture the moment. Sadly the nose of the whale got clipped in the image so not an award winning photograph - but it shows it happened - and the memory of that awesome sight will linger forever.

We then made our way to Cape Breton at the other end of Nova Scotia via Mahone Bay and Little Harbour. At both locations we stayed in B & B's run by amazingly friendly and kind people. If you ever visit Nova Scotia check out The Fisherman's Daughter, Mahone Bay and Sandstone B&B, Little Harbour you will not be disappointed.

At Cape Breton we stayed in at The Markland Resort where we had a self catering log cabin for 5 nights. We spent the week exploring the Cape Breton National Park and we made three further Whale watching trips. On these trips we only saw Long-finned Pilot Whales and a brief view of some Atlantic White-sided Dolphins.

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